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Thursday 26th May


Last night was a very successful night with many children sleeping in until well after 7am. We had our normal hearty breakfast then after a free play time on the field we got ready for our hill walk. 


We had good weather as it wasn't too hot (although quite windy!) The children coped very well and it was great to see their determination to get to the top and manage the tough gradients up the hill. When we reached the top it was incredibly windy which was a new experience but we enjoyed sitting on the top and looking at all the views - especially that of Ilam Hall where it looked like a toy house, not to mention the size of the cars! The children took their time to walk down from the top and navigated the hill brilliantly.


After lunch, we split into two groups. One group created Ilam Hall bags and went on a Scavenger Hunt whilst the other group built their egg rockets - these were eggs packed carefully and attached to a bottle to the children's designs. Tomorrow morning we will be launching them and looking to see which groups' eggs survive the fall back down to Earth! The groups swapped over and before we knew it, it was time for dinner!


This evening we are enjoying a film night with popcorn and hot chocolate whilst snug in our pyjamas which is a lovely way of spending our last night after being so busy.


Tomorrow morning we are launching our rockets and having some more free time outside before leaving at 2pm to arrive at school between 4pm ad 4:30pm. We will keep you informed as the journey progresses via parentmail to ensure you are aware if there are any delays.


The trip seems to have gone so quickly! The children have been fabulous and have had a great time. We have thoroughly enjoyed bringing them away and have been continually impressed with their ability to listen to instructions and adapt to a new routine away from home. Well done year 4!