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The Commonwealth Games 2022

Quad Kids - Sports Competition

On Wednesday 22nd June, Park Junior School participated in the Quad Kids sports competition organised by the fantastic team at School Games.  This event was held at Kettering Harriers sports arena and featured over 20 schools from across the county.   The team at Park Junior all took part in 4 events: (a quad!)

  • 400 or 600 metre race (1 or 1 and half laps!)
  • 50 or 75 metre Sprint
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Howler Throw


We all enjoyed the event and were invited to the county finals in July at Moulton Park, courtesey of  the team at School Games .  Please see the pictures below to see our competitors in action.


The 2022 Commonwealth Games - Our Part

During the Quad kids event we embraced the forthcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games (CWG) by representing a country.  At Park we represented the nation of Singapore, located in Asia.  Our celebrations involved embracing their flag (see an image below), wearing their colour (red) and we took part in a wonderful Opening ceremony and toured the Kettering Harriers circuit, waving our flag with pride.  It was fantastic to have an "adopted" nation and we are excited to watch the CWG starting on the 28th July in Birmingham and keep an eye on Singapores progress.


What are the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games bring nations together in a colourful celebration of sport and human performance.   Held every four years, the Games have grown from featuring 11 countries and 400 athletes, to a global spectacle of 6,600 sports men and women from across 72 nations and territories.

Underpinned by the core values of humanity, equality and destiny, the Games aim to unite the Commonwealth family through a glorious festival of sport. Often referred to as the ‘Friendly Games’, the event is renowned for inspiring athletes to compete in the spirit of friendship and fair play.

The 2022 Games will be the first time West Midlands has played host to the event, following London 1934, and Manchester 2002. As preparations for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games take shape, the West Midlands become part of a lasting legacy. One that displays world-class teamwork, athleticism and friendship.


How can we get involved?

There are a range of activities on the web to support the CWG, hopefully by just watching it will inspire you to participate in more activities or perhaps when take part in new activities at school in Septmeber?

Coverage starts on July 28th please keep your eyes the wonderful competition taking place and cheer on the athletes.


If you want to get active over summer please try the attached activities with your parents and see if you can be a future athlete.


We have also provided a link to the main Commonwealth Games website where there is lots of more fabulous information or a selection of further activities you can do.





Flag of Singapore our adopted Nation