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France update 16th Sept 8.00am

Good morning from France.  Another excellent night's sleep and energy levels remain high.  This morning we have three children writing about some of their experiences so far.


DT - As we approached Saint Malo we scurried down the cold stone stairs. As we looked in front of us there stood the glorious and beautiful beach.  Our first activity involved all the children lining up for a race to the freezing sea. The race was so exiting that even some grown -ups started watching. And before you know it the race had begun.


RT - Yesterday, all the children and staff from Park’s residential trip went to the wonderful Le Mont Saint Michel . We mostly travelled by coach but then stopped by the shinning trams (they are like busses/coaches but smaller). We went on the trams to go to the amazing castle as we mentioned earlier.


RA - So far I have loved being able to spend lots of time with my friends and making new friendships.  It has been great chatting in my dormitory and being a bit more independent.  Unfortunately some of us are finding it quite hard to keep our dormitory tidy.  Lots still to look forward to especially the French market this morning and zip wire this afternoon.  The beach was lovely yesterday although today it is pouring with rain.  Glad we went to the beach yesterday.