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France 14/9/15

Bonjour from France


‘The intrepid 37 children and 5 adults have had a hugely successful journey to our Chateau today with arriving at our destination at 4.00pm (3pm your time).  The journey from Wellingborough to Dover was quite quiet with very little traffic on the roads and the children rather subdued.  This soon changed with the sights of the white cliffs of Dover and the ferry.  Fortunately it was a smooth ferry crossing with no-one feeling sick and everyone enjoying this experience.  We met another coach on the ferry who was also travelling to Chateau Beaumont so we were able to follow them!  Lunch was a success in a service station with the children amazed to hear people talking in French!!!  The last part of the journey grew in excitement as we grew nearer to its end and a huge cheer erupted as we arrived at the Chateau.  Children were given a tour by our host for the week and sorted out bedrooms.  We had a very evening meal of spaghetti bolognaise with many completely clean plates.  The treasure hunt has just begun although some of the children are already looking forward to a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow brings Le Mont St Michel and St Malo and the forecast is good!  We are tweeting throughout the day so follow @Park_Well for further updates’.