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Monday 8th June


This week we are keeping with "White Rose Maths" and staying for the 1st two lessons with "Money".  No videos this week :-(

This lesson just goes back through pounds £ and pence p.


Today you have two pictures of beautiful scenes to look at and describe.  Bonus points if you can use a simile or metaphor (you did similes last week).  The sheet also has a word bank if you get stuck of good adjectives to use.


Non-fiction reading about the wonderful bird, Penguins today.  There are three levels so pick the level you are comfortable with.  You have a table where you need to tick to describe each type of Penguin;


So if an Emperor Penguin builds a nest you tick that box.  Don't worry the clues are on the reading pages you don't have to be an expert on Penguins!