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Monday 30th March

Grammar (MM) Set A Puzzle Page 19 Have a go at the following crossword

Hi Group MM

I hope you are enjoying 9.00 with Joe Wicks!

If you can print off you can use coloured pencils or highlighter to show the features of the newspaper.  Use the powerpoint to help you understand what the features are.  If you are unable to print, write examples from the text in different colours and use a key to show the features.  Example: Headline - Wicked Wolf Gets His Just Desserts

Have a lovely day and please email me to share you work or just to say hello.  

Mrs Montgomery

English Grammar (JM)

(MM) Maths Answers to Friday 27th March

Maths (MM) Mean Average - Powerpoint to explain how to find the mean average of a set of numbers. Also Slide 4 has the work for today for Basic, Advancing and Deep

Hi MM group, any problems with the task, please email me.  You can ask me if you are getting them right and so I can reassure you that you are. 

Once you have completed this task, please get some more stars on Doodlemaths

Certificates will be emailed today to the winners of the stars for last week.

Please keep Doodling!!

Science (JM & VdB)

Optional other activity - Decoupage art - take a look at the powerpoint and have a go.