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Monday 23rd March

23.3.20 Maths - Algebra (JM)

23.3.20 English Grammar (JM)

23.3.20 Maths - Addition and Subtraction (MM)

23.3.20 English Grammar - Relative Clauses (MM)

23.3.20 Science - Charles Darwin  (6JM & 6VdB)


As we are at the end of our 'Evolution' topic, show your understanding of Charles Darwin's life and the contributions he made to science (his theories) by designing a front cover for his famous book

'The Origin of Species'.


Make sure your cover design has the book title on it and that the author is Charles Darwin. Illustrate it in colour and in a way that shows clearly what his contributions and life were about.


You can do your design on Publisher or Word and e mail it back or take a photo of your work in your book and e mail it back. It would be lovely to see what ideas you have come up with!

23.3.20 Optional Other Activity - Victorian Designer (6JM & 6VdB)

Hi Everyone

The William Morris activity is an extra activity, which you can complete if you would like to.

The information is for you to find out about who William Morris was and what he achieved as an artist.

The activity design pictures are there for you to either print off (if you can) and colour one in, or to help you create a design of your own in the style of William Morris.  

Tomorrow, I will put another extra idea for you to do,if you want to, about growing crystals.


Keep safe everyone and I'd love to see your designs.