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Monday 27th April

Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning Guys,

We hope you had a nice weekend!

Don’t forget to try and do some exercise every day. This doesn’t have to be Joe Wicks, there are lots and lots of sites which deliver live and recorded activities to do. If you find one that you enjoy doing, then send it through so we can put it on the website.


Your tasks for today are:

English: To continue with the reading work on Robin Hood and the Potter. Remember to take your time to read and enjoy the story and then if you can answer some of the questions on the piece. If you can’t or don’t feel up to answering the questions perhaps you could write a book review instead on either this story or another story that you have been reading over the past few weeks.

Maths: This week we are looking at statistics and interpreting data. Today we would like you to interpret line graphs. This is something we have done in class before so should be a recap. Make sure you look at the crib sheet to help you out if you need it when answering the questions on the document.

Science: Our new topic after Easter for science is to revisit Materials and their Properties. Today we would like you to design your front cover page for your science books. This can be done on the computer or on paper or in your work books. Remember to be creative and neat. We have attached an example front cover design below which you can use for inspiration which has lots of key words and images to include.


Have a lovely day,

Miss Morris and Mr Fordham.


Brain Teaser:

The answer to Friday’s brain teaser was: His mother. Females can be doctors too.

Today’s teaser is: Choose the correct sentence: “the yolk of the egg is white” or “the yolk of the egg are white.”

Fact of the day:  

In 2009, Stephen Hawking held a reception for time travellers, but didn’t publicize it until after. This way, only those who could time travel would be able to attend. Nobody else attended.