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Friday 3rd April


The final day, final task on time.  You have two sheets with a range of different times on them.  Can you put these in order?   

Is 8 am earlier than a quarter past 2? indecision

You can either print the sheets and re-order them or write them in a list in your books.


Today's interactive game is my favourite, its Hit the Button!  Please look at number bonds either to 10, to 20, to 50 or for the brave to 100 devil




Final lesson and we have a fun task looking at expanded noun phrases.


The big dog. is a basic noun phrase (The noun is the dog)

The big, black dog. is an expanded noun phrase.

The big, black dog in the garden. is a further expanded noun phrase.


Today's reading looks at a Hindu god, so it is also part of your RE learning.  I am sure some of you are experts already on Hindu gods!


Those of you that fancy a challenge can use this website that uses the Look, Cover, Write, Check approach.  You can use words from Year 1 to Year 6 and words with a  spelling pattern or just tricky words.

Try your best and use this time to practice.