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Friday 15th May

Family maths challenge JMc

This week's family maths challenge is a Cooking class maths challenge – maths never tasted better!

If you are able to, have a go at making the Clue-dough carrot cake (recipe uploaded below). If you want some support with making it, watch the video by following the link below and going to Summer term week 3:

Once you've baked your cake, then you can try the Clue-dough cake activities worksheet which is all to do with tangrams.

Don't worry if you're unable to make the cake. You could still have a go at the first part of the activity sheet anyway smiley Have fun! Mrs McMahon 


Congratulations to all those who have completed and emailed their Lockdown Sats to me. Don't worry if you haven't done so yet, there's still time! Have a go and send it to me whenever you're able (especially boys, the girls are beating you so far!!!).

And now for the big is the day to celebrate the end of lockdown sats with your very own Lockdown Disco! surprise Get your glad rags on, turn up Alexa and dance like there's no-one watching (might as well since you're stuck at home anyway!) You can even get mum, dad, sister, brother, dog or whoever else lives with you to join in.Then ask someone to take some photos or videos and send them to me so that I can party along with you. If we'd been at school today, we definitely would have been having a disco in your honour. Unfortunately it just wasn't to be this time, but that doesn't stop you from partying the day away. Can't wait to see what you get up to. Have fun!

Big virtual hugs and lollipops 

Mrs McMahon laugh