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Whilst this year is going to be very different for a lot of us, it is still going to be an awesome one! Though some of us may be super excited to come back, we know that some of you may be a little apprehensive, but try not to worry, we shall all be here to help and guide everyone through making sure no one is left behind.


We begin our Linked Learning topic of Tomb Raiders, focusing on the Ancient Egyptians which is a fantastic opportunity for the children to explore the history and geography of Egypt, as well as the lifestyles of the people living there at the time. We combine Art and Design into the unit by creating a sarcophagus and cam mechanism mummies.


Our first Science unit is A Day at Disney World, where we are starting our new way of teaching science. The children will be exploring lots of different areas of the science curriculum in this unit with a theme of all things Disney! We then move onto Space Mountain in Term 2 which sees the children looking into the night’s skies and creating their own versions of that very famous mnemonic and considering the physics behind theme park rides.


We are aware that everything is still very new and different and we shall keep you up to date with all the important information regarding the current situation. We shall also keep you up to date with any important dates throughout the term, but if you need anything then please do not hesitate to get in touch with either myself of Mrs Lenton on the playground at the end of the school day.


Here’s to another great year!

Hannah Morris & Cheryl Lenton.