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We continue into a new year with great excitement and ready to make the most of all our learning opportunities. For a successful year 4, we encourage reading a wide variety of texts at every opportunity and the learning of times table facts. This will help in all areas of the curriculum. 

Our PE slots will be on a Monday (swimming) and Wednesday afternoon (pacesetters) and  children will need a change of footwear and clothing appropriate for the session.


For details of the areas we will be covering, be sure to look out for the year group newsletters. 


Homework is now given out at the start of the term. The children have to earn a certain amount of points by the end of term. This can be handed in for marking weekly, when a piece is completed or at the end of term with all pieces they wish to do enclosed. Children can select the pieces they wish to do and can present them in a way which works for them. Homework will also be on this page.  


We would also like to welcome Miss Lucy Wright, who is a training teacher, she will be working with us for seven weeks. 


This is going to continue to be a fabulous year, I look forward to moving forward on our educational journey. smiley


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4VT World War 2 Dance

4VT have produced a World War 2 dance in their PE lessons.

Important Dates: 


4VT Class Assembly - Thursday 30th January 2:30 pm


4VT Community Tea - Friday 6th March 2:30 pm