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Red Nose Day Egg and Spoon Races

Times Tables

Times tables are really important for children to learn.  In our class, we have been finding different ways to practice them.  We have all got an account on so we can practice online.  We can use these at school and home so please encourage this as much as possible.

Welcome back to a new, exciting year!



We have a fun filled year ahead of us and can't wait to get started and get to know all of you! You are extremely lucky in this class as you have two amazing teachers; Mrs Young and Miss Miller. Mrs Young will teach you on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Miss Miller will teach on a Thursday and Friday. To begin the year we will be supported by Mrs Gibbons and Miss Capiron.


Our linked learning topic this term focuses on the theme 'Grand Designs' which covers a range of aspects from Ancient Greece. We will look at what life was like for Ancient Greek soldiers, the geography of Greece, Ancient Greek architecture, The Ancient Greek belief system and so much more. 


We are very lucky with our PE sessions this term as we have 2 specialist coaches working with us. On Monday afternoons we will be working with Alex Dunn who will be teaching us to be the next Wimbledon tennis superstars! Friday afternoon we are going to be practising and improving our cricket skills with Summer Keightley. On these days, you will be expected to come to school in the correct PE kit and can stay in kit for the whole day.


Look out for the Year group newsletter for more information about our learning this term.


As always, if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Kindest Regards,


Mrs Young and Miss Miller smiley





Important Information


School start time: 9.00

School finish time: 3.30


Our year 4 entrance to school is the single black gate on Regents Street. Find yourself a footstep and wait until someone comes to get. Please stay with your parents whilst you wait for your teacher and remember to social distance from other families.