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Class 3JD

Wow –doesn’t time fly!?  It doesn’t seem long along that 3JD started in September, but here we are in our final term and I am delighted how far and how resilient the children have been, they should be very proud of their progress.


6 weeks (and two days) with a lot going on…


Swimming starts in June and we will have 6 lessons in the pool at Waendel every Thursday morning.  I am sure a few children (and parents) could be anxious, but they will have a fabulous time and once the nerves have gone will really enjoy their sessions


In maths we are covering time, particularly telling the time and getting comfortable using time as a measure. After this we will cover measurement looking at length, mass (weight) and capacity, finishing with aplomb on fractions!


We continue to look at our creative curriculum topic titled “Invaders and Settlers” which is focused on the Anglo-Saxons and how they lived in Britain after the Romans left.  We will look at their art, villages, settlements and religion and have a wonderful creation in our Design and Technology lessons when we make a moving Saxon monster!!


We also have our class assembly later in June and in July have our Year 3 trip to the wonderful Hamerton Zoo.  Hopefully, the sun will continue to shine and it will be a wholly enjoyable term.


Physical Education will be on a Tuesday & Thursday (swimming) - so please come to school in an appropriate PE kit with no jewelry on.


As always if you have any concerns or problems, then please do not hesitate to contact me either in the morning or at the end of school when collecting your children.


Thanks for your continued support,


 Mr Jamie Draper and Mrs Lynn Robinson


Important Information


Year 3 children arrive and exit through the main entrance 


8.55am                        Beginning of school day for 3JD 


10.30am – 10.45am    Morning Break


11.45am – 12.25pm     Lunchtime


2.15pm – 2.25pm         Afternoon Break


3.30pm                         End of the school day for 3JD