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Class 3JD

Let’s wave goodbye to 2020 and warmly welcome in 2021.  I hope you and your families had an enjoyable festive break (despite all that is happening around us) and no doubt we all look forward to a much improved new year.


We have been making good progress in the key subjects of English and Maths. For maths, we are looking at the concept of “Time” and we investigate clocks and how we tell the time by looking at the position of the hands looking at full-hours, halves, quarters and to the exact minute. 


In English, we have a great opportunity to enter a writing completion for the Rotary Club of Wellingborough on the theme “My Happiest Day” which I think is a fantastic theme and I look forward to reading some great writing from 3JD.


A new term also means we start a new creative curriculum topic called ‘Our Moving Earth’. I absolutely enjoy teaching this topic and the children always love engaging with the range of areas we explore; which includes natural disasters and then we focus on volcanoes; what causes them?  Why do they occur?  Where do we get the most volcanoes and why?  The grand finale being the children getting a make a volcano and watching it explode (safely!)


For science we are exploring a host of scientific areas that centre on the heading “A night at a museum”, we explore shadows how they are formed and how they move and look at another one of my favourite area rocks-including fossils.


PE continues to be on Wednesday PM (Gymnastics) and Thursday PM (Tri-Golf) – please continue to ensure your children arrive already dressed in appropriate PE gear and given we are in the winter months, make sure they have plenty of layers!


As always if you have any concerns or problems, then please do not hesitate to contact me either in the morning or at the end of school when collecting your children.


Thanks for your continued support,


 Mr Jamie Draper and Mrs Lynn Robinson


Important Information


Year 3 children arrive and exit through the main entrance 


Beginning of school day for 3JD -  9.00am


10.30am – 10.45am - Morning Break


11.45am – 12.25pm – Lunchtime


2.15pm – 2.25pm - Afternoon Break


 End of the school day for 3JD - 3.30pm