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Year 3 trip to Natural History Museum Friday 23rd February leaving school at 7.30am and return by approximately 5.15pm.

Meet the staff at Park Junior School

Picture 1 Mr David Tebbutt (Head Teacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Jenny May (Deputy Head Teacher / 6JM Teacher)
Picture 3 Mrs Fiona Palmer (Lead Teacher DSP/SENCO/SLT)
Picture 4 Miss Vicky Townson (5VT Class Teacher/SLT)
Picture 5 Mrs Jo Whiting (3JW Class Teacher)
Picture 6 Miss Hannah Morris ( 3HM Class Teacher)
Picture 7 Mrs Laura Bazeley (4LB/KY Class Teacher)
Picture 8 Mrs Hannah Shirtcliffe (4HS Class Teacher)
Picture 9 Miss Susanne Miller (5SM Class Teacher)
Picture 10 Mrs Vanessa DeBoer (6VdB Class Teacher)
Picture 11 Mrs Jen McMahon (6JM Part time Class Teacher)
Picture 12 Mrs Mel Montgomery (Year 6 Group Teacher)
Picture 13 Mrs Katherine Young ( 4LB/KY Class Teacher)
Picture 14 Mrs Kate Morton (Yr 3/4 SEN Manager)
Picture 15 Mrs Karen Wainwright (Yr 5/6 SEN Manager)
Picture 16 Mrs Nina Kutscherauer (Family Support Worker)
Picture 17 Mrs Lynn Robinson (3HM Teaching Assistant)
Picture 18 Mrs Nikki Youngman - (6JM Teaching Assistant)
Picture 19 Mrs Dawn Griggs (Year 3 Teaching Assistant)
Picture 20 Mrs Ashley Howes (6VdB Teaching Assistant)
Picture 21 Miss Terri Baker (4LB/KY Teaching Assistant)
Picture 22 Miss Pam Bates ( Teaching Assistant)
Picture 23 Mrs Janet Gerrard (3JW Teaching Assistant)
Picture 24 Mrs Vicky Hobbs (4HS Teaching Assistant)
Picture 25 Mrs Di Macleod (Learning Mentor/Year 6 TA)
Picture 26 Mrs Cheryl Lenton - (5SM Teaching Assistant)
Picture 27 Mrs Gill Gibbons (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 28 Mrs Kathryn Parker (DSP Teaching Assistant)
Picture 29 Miss Maria Cooper (DSP Teaching Assistant)
Picture 30 Mrs Anita Patel (Library Manager)
Picture 31 Mrs Jane Orton (School Administration Manager)
Picture 32 Mrs Janette Garlick (Admin Assistant)
Picture 33 Mrs Caron Radford (School Finance Officer)
Picture 34 Mr Mick McGee (Site Supervisor)
Picture 35 Mr Shaun McMahon (ICT Technician)
Picture 36 Mrs Liz Poole (Lead Lunchtime Supervisor)
Picture 37 Mrs Netty Holland (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Picture 38 Mrs Meena Palmer (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Picture 39 Mrs Hasna Begum (Lunchtime Supervisor)

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