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Head Teacher’s Certificate

Friday 16th March 2018

3JW       Justin Slomak for amazing discussion on our scientific investigation on erosion and permeability

               Lois Colley for her contagious attitude, humour and love of reading

3HM      Leilani Shepherd for huge improvements in her English and writing incredible sentences

               Cory Forester for excellent sentence building in English and having the confidence in himself that he can do it

4LB/KY  Chloe Running for a great effort and understanding in Maths lessons working with angles

               Taylan Fenlon for showing amazing self belief in swimming

4HS        Mai Mokaleng for putting so much effort into improving her Maths work and now approaching all Maths lessons with a smile               on her face

              Ria Mistry for always presenting her work to such a high standard and being such as model student in all that she does

5VT       Jamie Hustwait for demonstrating great determination and resilience in rhythmic gymnastics

              Araf Islam for improved attitude and behaviour for learning, particularly in the work on China

5SM      Amelia Cepak for always working hard, persevering with challenges and completing work to a high standard

              Aryan Mistry for challenging himself well in Maths and being very enthusiastic with his work

6VdB    Becky Carter for excellent description in her rainforest story

              Archie Ayling for excellent independent descriptive writing as part of the ‘journey’ story

6JM      Bianca Popescu for her knowledge and understanding of how to classify animals

             Kathan Trivedi for great improvements with his writing.



Friday 26th January 2018


3JW       Evie Day for creating an awesome tornado poem

              Amelia Czajka-Tamm for brilliant co-ordination, team work and overall participation in Dance on the theme of cheerleading

3HM     Mylee Clarke for huge improvements in her reading and continuously showing resislience

              Noah Read for excellent kennings poem on Tornadoes

4LB/KY Grisha Patel for showing great unity and working well as part of a team in PE and Science lessons

               Mason Darn for showing a great improvement with his focus and concentration in lessons

4HS       Leo Lidington for really challenging himself to think at a greater depth in Maths

              Nazneen Ahmed for making huge improvements in swimming

5VT      Charlie Fuller for great improvements and effort to improve, attitude to learning and focus in all lessons

              Hir Parekh for a conscientious attitude to learning, particularly Maths

5SM     Nadia Mohammed for a great information leaflet about Holland

              Michael Forton for persevering really well with his work on fractions

6VdB   Rojus Kuzminskas for fabulous reasoning work with volume

             Rahim Khan for greater focus on improving his maths skills

6JM     Aayushi Patel for great perseverance with her spellings

            Jagoda Klosowicz for always striving to extend her vocabulary knowledge in both her reading and writing to reach high levels


Friday 2nd February 2018


3JW       Devon Wheeler for showing brilliant team work and discussion skills when grouping and characterising rocks

              Shreeya Patel for showing increased self-belief in herself and for becoming more verbally active in class

3HM     Oskar Karpinski for an excellent piece of homework on natural disasters

              Sa’rai St Hilaire for super participation and categorising of rocsks in Science

4LB/KY Kyna Wright for a brilliant performance in our class assemnbly

              Ria Champaneriya for always working hard in lessons and completing work to a high standard

4HS       Christian Williams for amazing effort to all his learning and really challenging himself

              Shaileize-Myah Lawman-Mcleod for really standing up to any challenges with a superb attitude and putting herself forwards brilliantly

5VT      Kiera St John for an amazing improvement in attitude to learning and being an outstanding peer support in class

             Nieve Neale for superb science work and making generalisations linking to the real world

5SM    Benji Gent for superb, detailed and descriptive piece of writing in English

            Azraf Choudhury for working really hard to apply himself in lessons and complete the work he is capable of

6VdB  Finnian Lennox for vast improvements and effort with his handwriting

            Akira Thomas for good perseverance in her fractions work

6JM    Ashley Menz for great scientific thinking in the materials investigation circuit

           Cameron Bicker for good work on finding equivalent fractions



Friday 12th January 2018


3JW      Afan Islam for his drive, commitment and focus on his multiplication knowledge

              Gabija Jokubauskaite for her writing on an inanimate object from a different perspective

3HM     Rian Kumar for an excellent kennings poem on tornadoes

              Savanna Murove for superb participation in our creative curriculum sessions

4LB/KY Jessica Dutton for doing some amazing work with decimals this week and showing a great understanding of place value

              Nishi Patel for making a great start to the term and putting lots of effort and enthusiasm into her PE sessions this week

4HS       Lexi Gardiner-Bisland for awesome ides about our Michael Morpurgo texts

              Julia Kozuch for superb contributions to class discussions

5VT       Araf Islam for improved attitude to learning in all areas and continued effort

              Shumaya Khanum for always thinking of others and making sure that everyone is OK

5SM      Micah Henry for fantastic contributions to discussions about a book

              Oratile Mokaleng for working really hard to locate places on a map

6VdB    Jakub Grobelny for showing high level maths reasoning skills and greater accuracy in his work

             Alfie Gardiner-Bisland for his enthusiasm and focus in learning about ratio and


6JM     Amani Ali for continuously improving her writing skills

            Tanisha Patel for making good progress in her ability to reason in maths lessons


Friday 1st December 2017

3JW       Jada Osei-Bonsu for excellent discussion points and reasoning within Jigsaw

            Justin Slomak for his enthusiasm, perseverance with his expression and all round ‘give it a go’ attitude in learning his lines for the production

3HM     Aleeyah Mohabuth for rapidly growing in confidence and now putting her hand up to participate in lessons

            Ola Wojciechowska for excellent understanding of 2D shape and pushing herself to do deeper activities

4LB/KY Teddy Ayling for fantastic work with money this week in Maths

            Grace Basham-James for showing great focus in her lessons this week

4HS      Nicholas Rostron for working really hard in reading sessions especially when using quotes to support his answers

           Chamia Poleon-Henry for showing skill and creativity in rhythmic gym sessions

5VT     Aaliyah Hinks for excellent work in English all week, particularly the next part of the story

           Isobel Jaeger for being a wonder member of the class and school. Supporting others and always working hard

5SM     Hassan Alim for a fantastic and creative tourist leaflet for crocodiles.

           Huni-Louise Moyle for a superb attitude to learning and always being helpful and considerate to other people

6VdB   Bailey Wheeler for showing resilience, self-belief and perseverance within his maths work

           Serenna Moyle for listening to feedback and using it to improve her work

6JM     Luke Forester for a superb graph in his topic work

           Natalie Smith for setting herself high goals and achieving them in her Strictly performance


Friday 8th December 2017


3JW       Lilli Doyle for fantastic determination, stamina and commitment shown in cross country

             Eva Pebody for excelling in her reading and retention of her part in the Christmas production

3HM      Aleeyath Mohabuth for determination and perseverance in Maths

             Sahil Amin for super participation in the Cross Country

4LB/KY  Zarrin Zarrin for excellent perseverance and effort in solving and area and perimeter problem

             Zahir Khan for outstanding effort with his homework, creating a picture using a silhouette

4HS        Nikola Slowak for huge improvements to her writing and presentation

            Simone Matiba for showing depth in her thinking during Maths sessions

5VT       Kyril Stajila for superb attitude to learning and improved effort in his writing

            Oliwia Dabrowska for not giving up and continued effort in all areas of Maths

5SM     Georgia Wright for working really well in a group to come up with an Egyptian dance routine

           Michelle Wardzala for really great work in maths multiplying numbers by 10,100 and 1000

6VdB   Oliwia Madej for working really hard in all Maths lessons

           Maisha Islam for consistently working at greater depth in her Maths

6JM     Todd Anderson for huge progress in his Maths reasoning skills

          Louise Perkins for great use of persuasive techniques and good grammar skills in her persuasive writing


Friday 17th November 2017

3JW               Devon Wheeler for his continued drive, enthusiasm and positive attitude to his learning in all curriculum areas

                     Julia Janiszewska for being a conscientious, inquisitive learning and a superb team player in all subject areas

3HM              Vicki Obrzezgiewicz for excellent demonstration of her knowledge of multiplication

                     Cory Forester for fabulous understanding or reflection and mirrors in Science

4LB/KY          Mia Darwood for a fantastic diary entry about the announcement of WW2

                     Safeer Hussain for making excellent contributions in Maths lessons

4HS                  Noah Sherring for outstanding enthusiasm and understanding about our WW2 topic

                     Lily-Mai Francis for amazing effort in English and producing some lovely writing

5VT                  Hannah Nichols-Borton for an outstanding attitude to learning and superb effort in every aspect of school life

                    Tommy Sargeant-Mason for an amazing improvement in effort and attitude, particularly in learning his script

5SM                 Lily Gunthorpe for consistently challenging herself to include a lot of great writing features in her work

                    Oliver Nowak for working really hard to improve in all areas

6VdB            Nyah West-Ley for creatively presented homework

                   Jiya Sondhi for amazing team work and contribution to the junior strictly team

6JM                Ashlee Hustwait for working hard on her strictly routines in her own time, showing commitment to the team

                   Izzie Cable for fabulous work at greater depth in Maths


Friday 24th November 2017


3JW             Lois Colley for an emotive piece of work in her learning log on the theme of Armistice day and remembrance

                   Alyssia Struselis for her perseverance, commitment and all round engagement in her learning.

                   An outstanding role-model.

3HM              Lily Maher-Killeen for self-belief and determination in Maths and Computing

                   Manha Choudhury for a beautifully designed commemorative medal to remember the fallen soldiers

4LB/KY        Teddy Ayling for an excellent improvement in effort and behaviour in lessons

                   Jim Lonergan for showing lots of interest, contributing and asking fab questions in our topic lessons

4HS                Ernie Judge for so much enthusiasm for his writing and making awesome contributions in class

                   Isabel Abbott for amazing focus and willingness to achieve her very best

5VT                Brennen Taylor for putting in so much effort and commitment to improving his handwriting and presentation

                   Nieve Neale for consistently being a fantastic role model and support to her peers within the school

5SM            Freddy Wilson for stepping in at the last minute and doing a superb job in our class assembly

                   Logan Moody for being a superb stand in for our class assembly doing an amazing job

6VdB             Sophie Johnston for determination to succeed during Bikeability sessions

                  Amelia Lonergan for leading by example and showing consistency during Bikeability sessions

6JM              Emmy Trew for good perseverance in Maths and always trying her best

                 Jentson Irvine for showing enthusiasm during reading sessions




Friday 10th November 2017


3JW        Harry York for marvellous measuring skills and precision shown in Maths when measuring length

               Aimee Garner for an awesome and amusing performance in the Twits playscript

3HM       Sorin Geanta for superb comprehension and reasoning of his opinion

               William Dutton for superb scientific questioning and creating his own opinion

4LB/KY   Johno Moyle for showing great focus in all areas

               Daisy Childs for always making a fantastic effort in lessons particularly English

4HS       Jayden Altham for being a lovely classmate by praising them and always being pleased for others

              Amy Gara for creating some amazing sentences using a range of techniques to put an image in the reader’s hand

5VT       Sumalee Lloyd for superb attitude to learning and resilience in Maths

              Dhyan Patel for outstanding commitment to improvement in all areas of work and class life

5SM      Kai Mooney for a superb attitude to learning and working particularly well in a team during English

              Oskar Kujawa for applying in Maths skills to solve problems during our work on finding the area of shapes

6VdB     Will Sexton for super strategies to work out unknown vocabulary in reading sessions

              Harvey Peach for using good reasoning within his topic work

6JM       Caitlin Stajila for showing good depth of thinking in her Maths

              Finley Russell for fantastic work during thinking Maths sessions



Friday 3rd November 2017


3JW          Amelia Czajka-Tamm for excellent research on Julius Caesar using the iPad and also with creating a poster on publisher

                 Allan Grobenly for brilliant partner work and publisher skills shown on researching and creating a fact file on Julius Caesar

3HM        Leilani Shepherd for excellent team work in PE

                 Zaid Ahmed for super participation in PE

4LB/KY   Charlie Diamond for improving his listening skills and improving his focus in lessons

                Harvey Harris for improving his focus in lessons across the term

4HS         Leelund Steward for outstanding effort with our Learning Log task

                Julia Warchol for outstanding effort with our Learning Log task

5VT         Laila Ali for outstanding effort to use a variety of writing features in her story

                Jamie Hustwait for continued effort and improved attitude to learning

5SM       Amana Noor for applying herself really well to all lessons

               Kiera Griffiths for confident work with written multiplication and using the inverse to check her answers

6VdB     Noopur Mistry for a really well explained and well presented fact booklet on the Earth, Sun and Moon

              Gabija Naruseviciute for starting to build up her self-belief, resulting in fabulous Maths

6JM      Harry Pebody for fantastic enthusiasm and work on our topic

              Emily Buckland for always working hard to meet her full potential


Friday 13th October 2017


3JW      Athisan Sivarupan for terrific coding skills in Espresso and an amazing week in Maths on place value

             Toby Fletcher for amazing intelligence and intuition shown in PE

3HM     Ellesse Irvine for absolutely fantastic motivation and self-belief in Maths

              Sophia Stafford for determination and perseverance in Maths

4LB/KY Sophie Hobbs for always challenging herself in lessons

              Safeer Hussain for persevering and showing excellent self-belief in his Maths work

4HS      Adam Butler for always putting so much effort into his work and constantly wanting to improve

             Mai Mokaleng for working really well with others and being positive with her peers

5VT      Carmel Hitchens for outstanding attitude and belief in herself, in all areas of life

             Daniel Grynczel for brilliant effort to understand the work he is doing in all areas, particularly Tomb Raiders

5SM     Chidibere Uleme for settling in so fantastically and working hard in every lesson

             Aryan Mistry for including amazing writing features within his work

6VdB    Diya Patel for superb use of the formal multiplication method

             Ashyah Davis-Stone for her readiness to answer questions in class discussions showing deeper thinking

6JM     Fin Coles for great creativity in his welly design

             Raiessa Sheppey for great application in all lessons. A special mention for her ideas and leadership skills in Science


Friday 20th October 2017


3JW    Tor West-Ley for fantastic knowledge in our creative curriculum on Roman Numerals

            Jacob Gent for brilliant team work with his peers in games

3HM    Daiyan Rauf for superb understanding of Roman Numerals and being able to use these to solve problems

             Sadhvika Rupireddy for fantastic use of embedded clauses in English

4LB/KY Taylan Fenlon for showing self-belief and making fantastic effort and improvement with his reading

              Abigail Graham for showing self-belief and always pushing herself as much as she can in lessons

4HS       Nazneen Ahmed for making really good links and working more deeply in Maths

              Joseph McGowan for amazing effort in PE lessons showing awareness of opponents

5VT      Yashvi Master for outstanding effort to use a variety of features in her writing

             Medas Misevicius for superb attention and thinking skills when talking problems in Maths

5SM    Amelia Cepak for amazingly confident work finding missing digits in Maths

            Robyn Daldy for super creative writing about a seed

6VdB   Ella Udo for super perseverance and achievement in Maths lessons

            Kenzy Francis for superb ideas and contributions in topic work

6JM     Bianca Popescu for her descriptive writing and good use of vocabulary

            Kai Storey for his enthusiastic approach to all Maths lessons


Friday 29th September 2017


3JW      Blake Lawman-Warren for an outstanding contribution to French and the translations of the song

              Robyn Duke for consistently trying her hardest in all subject areas and for being a superb role model

3HM     Rhys Chambers for excellent contribution in our topic lessons

              Sasha Buckland for always being focused and ready to learn

4LB/KY Rowan Naylor for working hard in lessons and trying his best at all times

               Rasheedatu Tijani for settling in well and growing more and more in confidence everyday

4HS       Kate Lonergan for always pushing herself to extend her work

              Sammy Day for showing great belief and perseverance when solving maths puzzles

5VT       Railey Tippett for wow moments in Maths, particularly working on factor bugs

              Sam Finch for superb effort and achievement in writing about Gorilla

5SM      Alfie Doyle for a superb attitude to learning and challenging himself, particularly in Maths

              Jorgee-Li Murkitt for fantastic care and precision when creating a colour wheel in art

6VdB   Archie Ayling for fantastic attitude towards Maths work

             Rojus Kuzminskas for following his design plan precisely and taking pride in his shoe doll

6JM     Shahiriyar Hossain for settling so well into life at Park Junior and working hard in all lessons

             Evan Abbott for fantastic comprehension work during reading lessons


Friday 6th October 2017


3JW     Darcy Fuller for a thought provoking painting in her learning log depicting light

            Aman Singh for great enthusiasm shown on our day of European languages

3HM    Laura Nowak for excellent participation in our European Day of Languages

             Ben Westley for supporting a peer during a difficult activity and not complaining about it

4LB/KY Julia Sztuka for being a fantastic linguist on European Day of Languages

              Katherine Ray for getting stuck into our Viking topic and putting in 100% every lesson

4HS      Tequan Sheppey for trying so hard to focus and challenge himself. A great learning attitude

             Ria Mistry for always pushing herself to think more deeply across the curriculum

 5VT     Marek Redden for an outstanding start to the year, working hard and questioning in every single lesson

             Rosie Regan for excellent attitude and self-belief in every lesson

5SM    Abid Ali for superb detail in his sentences in English

             Livia Varga for settling in really well and improving in English

6VdB   Cassius Harris for fantastic work when ordering decimal numbers

             Damien Kaszteranda for listening to advice given and acting on it

6JM     Liam McGowan for imaginative and creative ideas in his writing

            Kathan Trivedi for writing of a high standard on ‘The Old Mill’


Friday 22nd September 2017

3JW       Ben Matthews for an outstanding Learning Log design and Basketball sessions in PE

               Mason Newton for excellent ICT skills shown in blogging and creating a padlet

3HM      Marsel Slomak for a super response to his marking in Maths

               Oskar Karpinski for excellent art work based on Kandinksy

4LB/KY  Luke Darwood for beautiful descriptive language in his English

               Jessica Dutton for always contributing and being an active member of the class

4HS        Leo Lidlington for amazing attention and focus in all his learning

               Astin De Vaughn for an awesome piece of ‘bubble’ writing

5VT       Andreja Domasiute for outstanding effort to settle into a new school and to learn a new language

              Freya Gunthorpe for super understanding and achievement in working with larger numbers in Maths

5SM      Aveline Cluff for good perseverance within atlas work

              Ben Leonard for always trying his best and being a good role model to others

Year 6  Becky Carter for her hard work during French week

             Salman Anharali for superb perseverance during construction of his Eiffel Tower model