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Head Teacher’s Certificate


Friday 23rd June 2017


4ZL              Ben Leonard for super support to his peers in rounders

                     Logan Moody for using ambitious words in his English writing

4LB/HS     Dhyan Patel for showing superb deep thinking when answering questions about texts

                    Yashvi Master for using high level skills in ICT

5VT            Brooke Taylor for fantastic progress and perseverance when working with area in Maths

                    William Sexton for great attitude in maths, persevering even when he found it tricky

5SM           Ashlee Hustwait for demonstrating a superb understanding of area within her maths work

                    Finley Russell for being an extremely helpful partner during Computing lessons

6VdB          Jobe Read for a good fact file about a famous Victorian

                    Maya Ali for beautiful presentation in her fact file of a famous Victorian

6JM            Sam Milard for superb scientific thinking when investigation electricity

                   Anish Budhdeo for demonstrating a wealth of wonderful cricket skills in cricket lessons


Friday 9th June 2017


3JW                            Isabel Abbott for a fantastic performance as a teacher in the Sugar Play production

                                    Nicholas Rostron for stunning focus, commitment, refinement of skills and determination in PE with our Golf lessons

3HM                          Taylan Fenlon for superb understanding of forces and participation in our science lesson

                                   Jessica Dutton for determination and perseverance in maths and really trying to improve her presentation

4ZL                           Azraf Choudhury for fantastic work with angles in maths

                                  Benji Gent for awesome discussions in science about teeth

4LB/HS                   Charlie Fuller for superb discussion and consideration of viewpoints in our work on the general election

                                  Daniel Grynczel for huge improvements in taking on feedback and a desire to improve

5VT                           Ashyah Davis-Stone for supporting other members of her team during PE

                                  Harvey Peach for amazing team work in maths and sportsmanship in the skipathon

5SM                         Luke Forester for applying himself fantastically in maths to write numbers in digits

                                 Cameron Bicker for confidently applying maths skills to new learning

6VdB                       Sophie Underwood for showing good perseverance in her maths work

                                 Scarlett Anderson for using good grammar skills in her writing

6JM                         Emmy Treadwell for supporting others in her cohort during ICT

                                  Crystal Bravery for challenging herself during maths lessons


Friday 12th May 2017


3JW                     Simone Matiba for awesome engagement, participation and work shown in book talk and her reading journal

                             Nikola Slowak for fantastic agility shown in gym

3HM                   Roman Johnston for logically working through the Anglo-Saxon timeline, filling in the missing gaps

                             Johno Moyle for superb understanding of capacity, reading measures and being confident in his knowledge and understanding

4ZL                     Hassan Alim for being a fabulous supportive peer this week

                             Micah Henry for superb discussion, predictions and inference during our reading sessions

4LB/HS             Phoebe Smith for showing great enthusiasm and asking lots of questions at our library visit

                            Sumalee Lloyd for working so hard to improve her English work

5VT                    Salman Anharali for outstanding work and understanding in maths dealing with fractions and decimals

                           Sophie Johnston for having a positive attitude in computing and debugging her programming to find a solution

5SM                  Aayushi Patel for using a variety of new skills to write a superb play script

                          Izzie Cable for applying her understanding of equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages to solve a problem

6VdB                Isabel Nichols-Borton for challenging herself to choosing and achieving well in the ‘depth’ task in topic

                          Doyle Sargent for a commendable use of grammar features in his writing

6JM                  Shaziah Sheppey for fantastic contributions in reading sessions

                          Robert Jaeger for being a conscientious worker in all curriculum areas


Friday 19th May 2017


3JW                 Lily-Mai Francis for fantastic free verse on Beowulf in our topic lesson

                          Julia Warchol for excellent Pictish stone creation

3HM               Grisha Patel for a superb instructional text in Science

                         Sophie Hobbs for fab discussions and research on what life was like in Anglo-Saxon Britain

4ZL                 Aveline Cluff for superb instructional writing in Science

                        Nadia Mohamed for awesome effort in every lesson

4LB/HS        Tommy Sargeant-Mason for awesome team work and co-operation especially at Irchester Country Park

                       Marek Redden for always such enthusiasm in whatever he does and giving 100%

5VT               Carly Falls for working independently and trying to support her peers in mental maths

                      Jakub Grobelny for a consistently outstanding attitude to learning in all areas

5SM              Jentson Irvine for demonstrating exceptional talent in hockey

                      Cameron Bicker for applying himself fantastically to all his tests

6VdB            Tyler Whittaker for amazing maths work creating repeating patterns with a compass

                      Georgia Black for consistent perseverance within all subjects, however challenging

6JM             Alex Newell for good contributions to ‘solve it’ discussion

                     Anish Patel for being an excellent Year 6 role model in both his attitude and work


Friday 28th April 2017



3JW           Harriet Graham for awesome village settlement research using atlases and Google Earth

                    Nazneen Ahmed for fantastic grit and determination to conquer her fears in swimming

3HM          Abigail Graham for excellent contributions in our Science topic, animals including humans

                    Zarrin Zarrin for huge improvements in PE, developing her ball handling and bowling skills in cricket

4ZL            Corryn Hockley for thinking outside the box during maths activities

                    Lucy Wills for challenging herself in all lessons and believing that she can do it

4LB/HS    Jamie Hustwait for awesome fractions work especially when finding equivalent fractions

                   Nieve Neale for working really hard to show greater depth in her maths work

5VT           Damian Kaszteranda for an outstanding performance of his dance in gymnastics

                   Rojus Kuzminskas for superb character profiles covering all aspects of a character

5SM           Shaynan Patel for fantastic and confident work on fractions this week

                   Harry Pebody for imaginative ideas about a character and their mannerisms during English lessons

6VdB         Freddie Duke for showing a mature and positive attitude to his learning

                   Donny Sargent for using good writing skills in his biography about ‘Scott’

6JM          Tia-Amor DeVaughn for being a responsible and mature role model to others

                  Taif Said for comparing two poems well in reading, using evidence to support his ideas



Friday 5th May 2017



3JW         Shaileize Lawman-Mcleod for excellent discussion on the archaeological evidence at Sutton Hoo

                 Ria Mistry for fantastic spelling engagement and commitment to learning her spellings

3HM       Eddie Ballard for a huge improvement in his effort and attitude to work

                Leon Balas for an excellent response to why evidence found at Sutton Hoo indicated the people to be both old and young

4ZL        Alfie Doyle for excellent discussions about food chains in Science

                Amana Noor for super work on adverbial phrases

4LB/HS Shumaya Khanum for working really hard to reason about the answers she gives

                Aaliyah Hinks for using higher level punctuation in her writing

5VT        Salman Anharali for superb equivalent fractions and finding the lowest common multiple

               Jiya Sondhi for outstanding work with fractions, particularly adding fractions with different denominators

5SM      Emily Buckland for a fantastic growth in confidence when converting fractions from improper to mixed number fractions

               Lilly-Ann Naylor for superb and confident working adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators



Friday 21st April 2017


3JW         Joseph McGowan for excellent ball skills shown in our cricket lesson with Mr Hawkins

                  Kimberley Cordell for brilliant focus, discussion and independent learning on rounding numbers in Maths

3HM        Jim Lonergan for brilliant skill and determination in tri-golf

                 Mia Darwood for consistently striving to improve and deepen her work and understanding

4ZL          Lily Gunthorpe for her excellent contribution during the Anglian Water visit

                 Amelia Cepak for superb focus and discussions in English when discussing different authors

4LB/HS Medas Misevicius for trying so hard in grammar sessions and having confidence to answer some questions

                Saffi Duke for showing huge effort to take her work to a higher level and answering really thoughtful questions

5VT        Becky Carter for outstanding attitude in all lessons and an amazing balanced argument

               Archie Ayling for superb team work skills shown in gymnastics and science

5SM      Afsana Haque for using fantastic conjunctions and linking her paragraphs well when writing a balanced argument

              Tanisha Patel for working fantastically hard to include all the features in a balanced argument

6VdB    Euan Andre for superb use of the long division method

              Arwen Lennox for good perseverance with her work on pie charts

6JM     Euan Andre for superb use of the long division method

             Aaron Blackwood for thoughtful contributions during maths lessons


Friday 24th March 2017


3JW         Ernie Judge for being a fantastic role model in our forensics sessions with participation, discussion and questioning on our investigation

                 Adam Butler for amazing confidence and voice projection in our class assembly

3HM       Mia Darwood for excellent demonstration of deeper understanding of analogue clocks

                 Tomasz Lorenc for super participation in our Tennis sessions

4ZL         Logan Moody for his awesome questions when speaking to a scientist about solids, liquids and gases

                Kai Mooney for his fantastic ideas for a contraption to put out washing and his explanation to go with it

4LB/HS Freya Gunthorpe for amazing writing and always taking such pride in her work

                Kyril Stajila for brilliant scientific questioning and showing curiosity

5VT        Akira Thomas for superb attitude to learning in all lessons and participation in group discussions

               Alfie Gardiner-Bisland for brilliant improvements in attitude and challenging himself in his learning

5SM       Bianca Popescu for settling in to our class and putting a great deal of effort into everything she does

               Caitlin Stajila for always challenging herself to do deeper tasks in English and applying herself to everything

6JM       Druv Patel for using higher level writing skills in his persuasive writing on Alexander Fleming

                Sidhi Khakhar for always putting 100% effort into his homework

                Kameron Ball for improved effort in Maths

                Elliot Sherring for really good understanding of finding missing angles in challenging problems


Friday 10th March 2017


3JW           Amy Gara for an outstanding diary entry as Mary Anning in Science

                   Nikola Slowak for a creative learning log homework with reference to book week

3HM         Harvey Harris for fantastic descriptive sentences in English

                   Monika Udo for excellent understanding of plants in our new science topic

4ZL            Jorgee-Li Murkitt for fantastic teamwork and discussion in making a video about factors

                  Oliver Nowak for fantastic teamwork and discussion in making a video about factors

4LB/HS   Hir Parekh for superb effort in spelling sessions to understand and apply the spelling rules

                  Rosie Regan for making huge improvements to her writing across the curriculum

5VT          Oliwia Madej for a great effort in trying to bring description into her story writing

                 Ella Udo for showing fantastic sportsmanship and team spirit during PE

5SM         Natalie Smith for her growing confidence and fantastic work in Maths

                 Louise Perkins for superb presentation in all her work

6VdB       George Sabey for excellent understanding in science and lovely presentation

                 Sidney Hoti for good understanding of the ways bacteria growth can be slowed down

6JM         Leah Newton for great understanding of how shapes reflect across a mirror line

                 Brodie Summers for superb improvement and positive attitude in Maths


Friday 17th March 2017


3JW        Tequan Sheppey for outstanding commitment, focus and group involvement in Maths on his ‘garden design’

                 Maipelo Mokaleng for an awesome observational sketch of plants after studying Maria Sibylla Merian in Science

3HM       Chloe Running for huge improvements in her spelling—clearly showing she is putting in the work at home

                 Julia Sztuka for brilliant teamwork in her garden design in Maths for Science week

4ZL         Azraf Choudhury for being a fabulous and enthusiastic ambassador for ‘Waste Week’

4LB/HS  Dhyan Patel for a consistently stunning learning log

                 Hannah Nichols-Borton for outstanding improvements in writing

5VT         Akira Thomas for working to improve her focus and attitude to learning

                 Finnian Lennox for superb improvement in concentration and effort in all lessons

5SM        Kai Storey for superb work in Maths on measuring angles and calculating missing angles

                Jagoda Klosowicz for thinking carefully about why an author uses certain words in their writing

6VdB     Sam Reid for his continued hard work during reading sessions and always with a positive attitude

               Eowyn Lennox for creating an animal using her knowledge of animal adaptations

               Sayeed Anharali for superb explanation of how to solve a capacity problem to another child

               Kelsey Mooney for consistently understanding how to convert measurements


Friday 24th February 2017


3JW          Tequan Sheppey for dazzling discussion and observation in our fossil morning with Jules Howard

                   Matiss Kulbergs for an outstanding trace and cast fossil in Science

3HM         Charlie Diamond for a huge improvement in spelling across his writing

                   Daisy Childs for having a superb knowledge of volcanoes and contributing tremendously during our drumming workshop

4ZL           Michelle Wardzala for awesome work on number in maths

                  Georgia Wright for a fabulous collage showing a river landscape

4LB/HS   Oliwia Dabrowska for showing such a keen interest in her reading

                  Charlie Fuller for making incredible improvements to the quality of his writing

5VT           Carly Falls for working so co-operatively with her group during gymnastics

                  Gabija Naruseviviute for brilliant work in solving problem relating to time

5SM         Todd Anderson for including fantastics in English

                 Amani Ali for challenging herself to work independently in Maths

6VdB       Ruby Robinson for fantastic descriptive writing within a diary genre

                 Roshni Budhdeo for consistent effort in Maths

6JM        Yanisha Desai for consistently trying hard in Maths

                Demi Edwards for showing great understanding of new grammar concepts




Friday 3rd March 2017


3JW         Jayden Altham for an awesome cast and trace fossil creation

                 Leo Lidlington for excellent focus and understanding shown in Maths on angles

3HM       Seb Taylor for a dramatic improvement in his handwriting and presentation of his work

                 Luke Darwood for a gripping and brilliantly written story based on dreams

4ZL          Abid Ali for awesome science work on melting/boiling points

                 Emma Maher for her superb storyboard to accompany her Icky Doo Dah illustration

4LB/HS  Isobel Jaeger for always taking such pride in her presentation

                 Carmel Hitchins for huge improvements to her contributions in class

5VT         Nyah West-Ley for fantastic mathematical thinking and observations in our create tasks

                Amelia Lonergan for her unselfish attitude when helping and supporting a fellow class member

5SM        Finley Coles for a fabulous improved setting description full of detail

                Evan Abbott for superb concentration when listening to Simon Murray and a superb illustration

6VdB      Dylan Jones for good story writing techniques

                Lauren Bradbrook for excellent understanding of co-ordinates

6JM       Taif Said for short division with decimal answers

                Sameer Hussain for huge improvement in writing



Friday 3rd February 2017



3JW                       Kareem Ali for excellent reasoning skills used in his mastery challenge on statistics using maths buzz

                               Noah Sherring for brilliant commitment and determination with his statistics challenge using ‘NRich’

3HM                     Nishi Patel for impeccable attention to detail in Design and Technology

                               Safeer Hussain for fantastic progress in Maths

4ZL                       Azraf Choudhury for his fabulous focus in his writing

                              Oratile Mokaleng for her great discussion on the Titanic and what went wrong

4LB/HS               Kishan Patel for superb effort and determination with swimming

                              Shakeel Moyo for an outstanding performance in class assembly

5VT                       Sophie Johnston for superb effort to work of co-ordinates in maths

                              Brooke Taylor for fabulous effort in using a variety of sentences in her recount

5SM                      Caitlyn Hockley for a positive attitude and fantastic explanations in class

                              Kai Storey for working hard to improve his writing

6VdB                    Davonte Richards for improved writing skills and for making a good effort to use higher level writing techniques

6JM                      Kaydee Lloyd for always being a conscientious learner in maths and trying hard to move her learning forward

                              Niyati Mistry for super detailed descriptions of the rainforest layers

                              Nic Resende for an amazing piece of writing in English




Friday 10th February 2017



3JW                      Adam Butler for fantastic fossil processing in Science

                              Nicholas Rostron for his engagement, participation and enthusiasm in English on chocolate

3HM                    Teddy Ayling for fantastic work on money and being able to help others out

                              Zarrin Zarrin for going above and beyond outside the classroom to improve her work at school

4ZL                       Lucy Wills for great work and reasoning on 2D shapes

                              Michael Forton for a fabulous diary entry in Linked Learning/English

4LB/HS               Railey Tippett for outstanding improvements in maths

                              Sumalee Lloyd for trying so hard in reading activities

5VT                      Diya Patel for continuous effort and good attitude in all areas of school

                             Salman Anharali for improved attitude to learning particularly in maths

5SM                    Ashley Menz for carrying out a good investigation and plotting his results in Science

                             Raiessa Sheppey for always being ready to work being a fantastic role model

6VdB                  Angel Bravery for showing excellent understanding in maths and presenting work clearly

                            Sienna Watts for good understanding and showing deeper thinking in science on parts of a flower

6JM                   Lacey Clarke for always presenting her work beautifully in her topic book and showing good understanding

                           Justin Udo for his hard work and perseverance in maths, even when the work is challenging



Friday 20th January 2017



3JW           Kimberley Cordell for working exceedingly hard in all subjects with continued determination and always with a smile

                   Harriet Graham for sensible and mature participation in groups and within class on internet safety

3HM         Kyna Wright or a fantastic attitude to all areas of learning

                  Grace Basham –James for a mesmerising molten lava pastel art work piece

4ZL           Aveline Cluff for her awesome effort when classifying animals

                  Michael Forton for using super descriptive techniques in his writing

4LB/HS  Araf Islam for superb time work in Maths and focussing really hard to challenge himself

                  Nieve Neale for working really hard to add more detail to her already awesome writing

5VT          Jakub Grobelny for superb effort in forming interesting sentences using casual conjunctions and relative clauses

                 Noopur Mistry for applying her mathematical understanding to a wide variety of problems and using reasoning effectively

5SM        Evan Abbott for fantastic creative ideas in his writing

                 Finley Russell for really challenging himself in Maths

6VdB      Freddie Duke for always putting 100% effort into his Maths

                Nihar Patel for being a really good year six role model by acting in a mature and responsible way

6JM        Ellie Neale for super attitude and effort in all English work

                Rayhaan Rahman for improved effort in presentation and attitude in English




Friday 27th January 2017



3JW      Amy Gara for creating excellent designs on particular packages in Design Technology

              Joseph McGowan for excellent focus and commitment on statistics and drawing graphs in Maths

3HM    Zahir Khan for dramatic improvements in presenting his bar charts

             Jessica Dutton for persevering to improve her own learning across the board

4ZL      Nadia Mohammed for her superb focus and enthusiasm during the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ lesson

             Robyn Daldy for applying her geographical understanding to answer questions about continents and rivers

4LB/HS Sam Finch for always showing that he can work well with others and contributing really well to class discussions

             Laila Ali for always approaching everything she does with such enthusiasm and a wonderful smile on her face

5VT      Serenna Moyle for working hard to improve the content of each sentence in her writing

             Harvey Peach for improved attitude and effort in all areas of learning and class work

5SM     Liam McGowan for being a superb learning partner

            Ashlee Hustwait for challenging herself to multiply decimals by 2 digit numbers

6VdB  Ashanai Cooke for consistently participating in spelling activities and giving excellent ideas on spelling strategies

            Darywn Harris for using good higher level writing skills

6JM   Alex Newell for improved attitude to learning in all lessons

           Anthony Willmer for settling well in Year 6 routines


Friday 13th January 2017


3JW            Julia Kozuch for fantastic participation and discussion in RWI on our book

                    Leo Lidlington for outstanding commitment, participation and engagement in all of our curriculum areas

3HM          Johno Moyle for having a fantastic attitude to all areas of his work and making huge improvements

                   Katherine Ray for excellent team participation in creating their own maths game

4ZL           Emma Maher for her superb work in gymnastics

                  Freddy Wilson for his amazing efforts in learning the WW2 dance

4LB/HS   Tommy Sargent-Mason for settling into his new class so brilliantly

                  Brennen Taylor for huge effort into all of his work

5VT           Becky Carter for outstanding effort and achievement when learning how to round larger digits

                   Noopur Mistry for an excellent attitude and effort within all her learning

5SM          Emily Buckland for fantastic work in class, rounding numbers and applying these skills

                  Kathan Trivedi for some brilliant and informative sentences in English

6VdB        Olivia Newell for perseverance within her algebra work in Maths

                  Anish Patel for being an all-round superb role model

6JM          Lauren Bradbrook for improved confidence in Maths and English groups

                  Doyle Sargent for enthusiastic participation in Maths lessons


Friday 25th November 2016


3JW                          Christian Williams for awesome Roman numeral work in our topic and maths lessons

                                   Isabel Abbott for excellent research using the IPads on Roman Gods and Goddesses

3HM                          Sophie Hobbs for a brilliant piece of extended writing on “The True Story of The Little Pigs”

                                   Taylan Fenlon for excellent understanding of ordering and comparing different lengths

4ZL                           Oliver Nowak for his superb definition and examples of vowels and how they affect determiners

                                  Alfie Doyle for giving 100% in his writing and challenging himself at all times

4LB/LOM               Rosie Regan for excellent effort in Maths when finding more calculations from known facts

                                  Viththaky Sureskumar for a fantastic newspaper report about Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!

5VT                          Kenzy Francis for maintaining a ‘can do’ attitude most of the time in all areas

                                 Ashyah Davis-Stone for fantastic attitude and behaviour for learning in English and Maths

5SM                        Jagoda Klosowicz for a superb comic performance in class assembly

                                Emmy Trew for writing a brilliant descriptive tourist guide for crocodiles visiting the Nile

6VdB                      Tru Williams for improved sentence work in English and presentation

                                Donny Sargent for enthusiasm and good contributions in science lessons

6JM                        Anish Budhdeo for consistently sharing, in discussions, his understanding in Maths

                                Sam Millard for consistent effort in his topic work


Friday 2nd December 2016


3JW                          Nikola Slowak for an awesome design and creation of a puppet in Design Technology

                                  Ria Mistry for excellent discussion and creation of a sound sandwich in Science

3HM                        Chloe Running for persevering in design technology and producing a brilliant hand puppet

                                  Ria Champaneriya for excellent knowledge of multiplication and division and the different methods to use

4ZL                           Aryan Mistry for his fantastic letter written as an evacuee in WW2

                                  Amana Noor for her superb effort  in using inverted commas within her writing

4LB/LOM               Kiera St John for excellent effort with her Learning Log each week

                                  Phoebe Smith for having a fantastic day at Holdenby House

5VT                           Nyah West-Ley for outstanding depth of understanding when investigating fractions of amounts

                                   William Sexton for putting the extra effort in, to continue to improve his writing

5SM                          Harry Pebody for fantastically creative ideas  in his English work

                                   Louise Perkins for a fantastic attitude towards her work, always ensuring she tries her  best

6VdB                        Tyler Whittaker for a fantastic light up model

                                  Georgia Black for perseverance in her high level Maths

6JM                          Emmy Treadwell for consistently persevering, even if she is unsure, in her Maths

                                   Crystal Bravery for highly efficient approach to the role of an  energy saver moniter


Friday 11th November 2016                     


3JW                          Adam Butler for superb coding skills shown in Expresso

                                 Kate Lonergan for outstanding participation and skills shown in our Roman dance

3HM                         Tomasz Lorenc for fantastic knowledge of coding and independently working through the activities

                                 Mia Darwood for being a fantastic role model and being incredibly conscientious

4ZL                           Lily Gunthorpe for her excellent contribution during the Saints rugby sessions (including spelling too)

                                 Logan Moody for his improved effort and determination in his writing

4LB/LOM                  Kiera St John for a positive attitude and willingness to learn this term.  Well done keep it up

                                 Medas Misevicius for showing great effort and perseverance in his work. Great effort

5VT                          Cassius Harris for developing a superb attitude to learning and excellent behaviour in lessons 

                                Ella Udo for the amazing amount of effort that she has put in to learning her parts for both the assembly and choir

5SM                         Munisa Mdachi for terrific time work and enthusiasm all week

                                Tanisha Patel for a superb effort to improve the descriptions in her writing

6VdB                        Sophie Underwood for fabulous work and presentation in her learning log

                                Eowyn Lennox for a brilliant understanding of multiplying fractions


Friday 18th November 2016

Year 3 and 4 on school trips Friday 25th November


5VT                         Finnian Lennox for demonstrating outstanding depth and reasoning in maths

                                Becky Carter for a superb improvement in attitude to learning and attention in lessons

5SM                        Luke Forester for really applying himself with his topic writing and producing a great piece of writing completely                                  independently

                               Nykeah Ahmed for applying the skills learnt in English to her linked learning writing and producing a fantastic diary

6VdB                      Sayed Anharali for improved general attitude in maths, producing some outstanding work on perimeters

                               Scarlett Anderson for dedication to her role on the Strictly Team

6JM                        Elliot Sherring for a superb report about Thomas Edison

                              Shaziah Sheppey for increased confidence in maths



Friday 21st October 2016


3JW                          Jayden Altham for an awesome piece of writing on a  gladiator’s point of view

                                   Lexi Gardiner-Bisland for an excellent piece of writing using her RWI skills in creative curriculum

3HM                          Eddie Ballard for a fantastic understanding of Roman numerals

                                   Charlie Diamond for an excellent piece of homework creating a welcome sign

4ZL                            Benji Gent for a fabulous Learning Log on designing a new chocolate bar for Willy Wonka

                                  Amelia Cepak for always giving 100% in everything and always with a smile

4LB/LOM               Aaliyah Hinks for incredible descriptive writing about our Google expedition to the Moon

                                  Kyril Stajila for excellent problem solving and reasoning skills in Maths

5VT                           Damian Kaszteranda for really trying to stay focused throughout all lessons

                                  Oliwia Madej for an excellent story opener in English

5SM                          Lilly-Ann Naylor for superb vocabulary choice in her Gorilla writing in English lessons

                                  Jentson Irvine for a much improved attitude in lessons and for persistence in maths activities

6VdB                        Maya Ali for an excellent understanding of reading and writing Roman numerals

                                  Sidney Hoti for applying higher level writing techniques within her report writing

6JM                         Leah Newton for excellent understanding of Roman numerals up to 100

                                 Aragan Sureskumar for great ‘deep thinking’ in maths


Friday  4th November 2016


3JW                      Julia Warchol for fantastic commitment and determination with her spellings

                              Maipelo Mokaleng for amazing engagement and construction with her sound observations involving vinyl records

3HM                    Grishna Patel for fantastic deepening the moment in English

                              Luke Darwood for excellent sentences  describing what it is like to spectate a Roman Gladiator match

4ZL                      Jorgee-Li Murkitt for her increased confidence in class with putting her hand up

                             Hassan Alim for working well with others in all lessons and supporting his peers

4LB/LOM           Phoebe Smith for fantastic effort with her reading

                              Shakeel Moyo for a positive attitude in English and making good progress

5VT                      Rojus Kuzminskas for excellent attention to detail in writing

                              Alana Sturgess for superb mathematician skills in area and perimeter

5SM                     Izzie Cable for fantastic use of adverbs and adjectives in English

                             Aayushi Patel for a superb effort to work more independently

6VdB                   Jobe Read for excellent work on factors and highest common factors

                             Lillia Paterson for being a reliable and conscientious member of the ‘Strictly Dance Team’

6JM                    Robert Jaeger for fantastic use of language in his shoe character story

                             Kameron Ball for improved confidence in maths



Friday 7th October 2016


3JW                          Lily-Mai Francis for excellent instructional text in Science

                                 Samuel Day for fantastic determination and commitment to his work on 2D shapes and perimeter

3HM                          Leon Balas for persevering in Maths and not giving up

                                 Teddy Ayling for an excellent understanding of shape and perimeter

4ZL                           Oskar Kujawa for his superb questioning on electrical circuits

                                 Louise Collis for her fabulous effort in writing

4LB/LOM                  Dhyan Patel for fantastic answers during Book Talk

                                 Kishan Patel for always showing that he is ready to learn

5VT                           Maisha Islam for an amazing feeling sentence about Gorilla

                                 Bailey Wheeler for enthusiasm and use of the trial and error in finding missing numbers

5SM                          Finley Shaw for great ideas in English, adding relative clauses in to sentences

                                 Caitlin Stajila for applying her maths skills to solve missing number problems

6VdB                         Ruby Robinson for being a superstar in maths all week

                                 George Sabey for taking on board his learning targets and quickly acting on them

6JM                          Aaron Blackwood for being the first person to reach the solution in the thinking maths task

                                 Sameer Hussain for excellent use of diary writing features


Friday 14th October 2016


3JW                          Matiss Kulbergs for any awesome construction of a cube in Maths

                                 Nazneen Ahmed for outstanding discussion and construction of a 3D shape including a                              cube                       tetrahedron and triangular prism

3HM                         Abigail Graham for positively participating in class all the time

                                Harvey Harris for excellent participation in Maths

4ZL                          Abid Ali for always giving 100% to lessons and in his work

                                Ben Leonard for a superb explanation on multiples during ‘True or False’ in maths

4LB/LOM                 Freya Gunthorpe for an excellent persuasive letter to Willy Wonka

                                Daniel Grynczel for outstanding effort in our Harvest assembly

5VT                         Archie Ayling for outstanding onomatopoeia and literary devices used when forming sentences in English

                               Gabija Naruseviciute for not giving up when finding missing digits in complicated maths problems

5SM                        Raiessa Sheppey for fantastic writing based around ‘Gorilla’

                               Shaynan Patel for working well with others and being a helpful member of the class

6VdB                      Grace Regan for improved effort in class reading sessions

                               Kelsey Mooney for trying hard to improve her cursive handwriting

6JM                        Lacey Clarke for showing deeper thinking in number sequencing maths work

                               Brodie Summers for improved confidence in Maths and English


Friday 22nd September 2016

3JW                          Shaileize Lawman-Mcleod for awesome commitment, discussion and reasoning skills shown in her maths                                                    buzz challenge

                                 Chamia Poleon-Henry for fantastic ‘character point of view’  shown in English

3HM                         Monika Udo for fantastic writing in English and beautiful presentation

                                 Roman Johnston for persevering and showing a great improvement in Maths

4ZL                           Kai Mooney for his active participation and enthusiasm in all lessons

                                 Georgia Wright for giving 100% in all lessons

4LB/LOM                  Hannah Nichols-Borton for very descriptive diary writing about a Viking longship journey

                                 Jamie Hustwait for awesome effort in his writing this week.

5VT                          Finnian Lennox for outstanding work on Roman numerals

                                Jiya Sondhi for being so willing to help out Mrs Richardson in class

5SM                         Afsana Haque for fantastic participation in lesson

                                Cameron Bicker for a beautifully presented piece of work showing the life cycle of a plant

6VdB                        Euan Andre for great understanding of calculation with positive and negative numbers

                                 Sienna Watts for good use of language in her diary writing

6JM                          Demi Edwards for fantastic understanding of ‘rounding’ numbers in Maths

                                Justin Udo for taking care in following his design plans and creating and imaginative shoe doll

DSP                        Jaiden Letch for settling so well and putting huge effort into  his English and Maths


Friday 30th September 2016

3JW                         Ernie Judge for awesome focus, discussion and work on noun phrases in RWI

                                Simone Matiba for commitment, determination and focus in all lessons and for being and outstanding role model

3HM                         Daisy Childs for the fantastic piece writing on an alternative ending in English

                                 Seb Taylor for an incredibly creative and imaginative piece of science homework

4ZL                           Michelle Wardzala for identifying homophones in a text

                                Huni Moyle for showing enthusiasm in her writing

4LB/LOM                 Shumaya Khanum for fantastic descriptive writing

                                Saffi Duke for excellent ideas in our Viking dance

5VT                         Alfie Gardiner-Bisland for excellent use of direct speech

                               Amelia Lonergan for a breakthrough moment in spelling

5SM                        Natalie Smith for a fantastic start to her time at Park

                               Todd Anderson for fantastic rounding in Maths

6VdB                      Isabel Nichols-Borton for showing commitment and determination in her learning

                               Sam Reid for being an excellent role model to his peers

6JM                        Druv Patel for fabulous ‘deeper thinking’ using decimals

                               Sidhi Khakhar for perseverance leading to great success in Maths


Friday 16th September 2016


3JW                           Astin De Vaughn for fantastic discussion and participation in our first science lesson on sound and                                               vibration

                                  Leelund Stewart for outstanding sportsmanship and skills shown in PE especially basketball

3HM                         Jim Lonergan for settling into Year 3 incredibly well, being attentive and participating in lessons

                                 Julia Sztuka for always beautifully presenting her work and having immaculate handwriting 

4ZL                           Micah Henry for super questioning to deepen his understanding about electrical circuits in Science

                                 Corryn Hockley for her fantastic contributions to our class  discussions about why the Vikings invaded the UK

4LB/LOM                  Yashvi Master for decorating her learning log beautifully

                                 Marek Redden for excellent scientific thinking during our lesson on human circuits

5VT                           Maisha Islam for outstanding sentence construction about Ramona

                                 Bailey Wheeler for such enthusiasm in all lessons, particularly Tomb raiders

5SM                          Amai Ali for putting in a lot of effort in her work

                                 Ashley Menz for a fantastic attitude to learning

6VdB                         Roshni Budhdeo for outstanding contributions in all activities during French week

6JM                           Yanisha Desai for being a kind and supportive friend to others