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We are halfway through the Year already! Where does the time go? The children in Year 6 are continuing to develop into independent, responsible and mature young adults and we are so proud of their progress so far. We are very much looking forward to seeing their continuing journeys over the next few months.


I am still working alongside Mrs Ashley Howes (Teaching Assistant) in class this term. Mrs Jenny May (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Jen McMahon (Thursday and Friday), are job sharing in the other Year 6 class, with Mrs Nikki Youngman as their Teaching Assistant. Mrs Mel Montgomery continues to work with us as our third Year 6 teacher, working alongside Mrs Di MaCleod (Teaching assistant) in the group room during morning sessions. This enables us to divide our two classes into three English and Maths groups, resulting in smaller working groups. We are extremely lucky to be able to work this way in Year 6 and the staff have many years of experience between them. It really benefits the children and is a good preparation for secondary school when the children will swap classrooms and experience different teachers.


The children will swap teachers and classrooms during some lessons in the afternoons also. This enables the staff to work to their best expertise and interests. This, in turn, benefits the children and, as with the English and Maths groups, is excellent preparation for secondary school.


The term has some exciting topics, detailed more fully in the Year 6 newsletter (see below). The 'Around the world in 60 days' topic, which is our main linked learning topic this term, is well underway and we have been looking at climate zones, biome zones and tropical rainforests. I am really looking forward to the 'Mayan' part of the topic.


P.E. is on Mondays (badminton sessions indoors with Mr Alex Dunn) and Fridays (outdoor sessions).

Please ensure the children look smart in a white top and dark shorts/track suit bottoms. It is important in warmer weather and for inside that they have shorts, but are welcome to wear warmer P.E. trousers and long sleeved tops for outdoor lessons when the weather is colder. Trainers are important as outdoor P.E. can become unsafe in inappropriate footwear.

We would really appreciate your support in ensuring the children have the correct clothing on the correct days. Any children with missing P.E. kit will be given warnings.


Homework is given out on a Thursday to be handed in on the next Tuesday. The children are given 3 separate tasks – English, Maths and then another subject linked activity. Learning logs are not given out in the holidays. The expectations are that the children spend approximately half an hour on each task and give in work that is complete, tidy, shows good effort and is completed to a high standard. All children are expected to complete their homework independently, although support will be given if needed.

Children will lose time at break / lunchtimes to complete any work and will be given a warning for incomplete homework.

There is a homework club that is run by Mrs Montgomery and Mrs McMahon on a Friday lunchtime for Year 6 children. This is a flexible club in which children can come along to if they feel they need extra space or time for homework or if they need to use any school resources. For some children, we will request that they attend the homework club on a weekly, regular basis. Equally, parents / carers can make this request. Please speak to a member of the Year 6 team if you feel this might benefit your child and we will be happy to discuss it with you.


The SATs will be upon us soon and for this reason, booster groups will start to run to support children to reach their goal of an expected or greater depth level. There will also be extra revision sessions within the main Maths and English lessons. The children will be prepared well, although they will still continue to enjoy lots of non-SAT focused sessions also. We fully believe in preparing the children, but also giving them a rich and enjoyable curriculum in year 6 which keeps them fresh and well motivated. More details on the SATs will follow.


Keep checking the class page for updated information, news and photographs. There is also a Year 6 page containing photographs from morning groups and any resources the Year 6 children may need in their lessons, so please keep checking that page too.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any worries or concerns, or catch me on the playground at the end of the school day.


I am really looking forward to the term ahead.


Mrs de Boer

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