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Welcome back to Year 5.


We are all ready to continue our amazing journey in learning. We are having a big push on reading, using inference skills to read between the lines. We are also developing our mental maths and recalling times table facts at speed. Any work on this at home would be fantastic. 


The topic for this term is called 'World's Kitchen' where we are able to investigate a variety of countries around the world. We discover what their customs are, how they live and what types of food they eat. 

Science this term covers changing materials, in particular solids, liquids and gases. We move on to forces next. We will learn all of the key vocabulary and the meaning of the terms. The children will be able to investigate many different areas, most of which have come from their initial questioning and ideas. 


PE will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. For PE, it is essential that children have a change of clothes and footwear. They also need to have long hair tied back and remove all jewelry. Children can also bring a jumper and tracksuit bottoms as we will try to get outside still and they need to keep warm. 


Homework is an important aspect of school and will always be based on work being done. We give homework out on a Wednesday and it is due back on a Monday. Children are given two tasks of 30 minutes each alongside a times table practice grid and ten spellings. The spellings will link to the weekly spelling rule and will be tested. 


Reading awards have changed this year, the children now have a reading passport in class. They can read any books, alone or to an adult, but must be able to answer questions about them. For this the earn a stamp in their passport and a raffle ticket for the pot. At the end of term a ticket is pulled from the pot and that child will win a book token. 


The term is going to be very exciting and we have so much to look forward to. I can't wait to see what discoveries we make. surprise


Important dates:  

5VT Class Assembly - Thursday 31st January 2019

5VT Community tea - Friday 22nd March 2019

Welcome to our classroom


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Linked Learning - We have learnt about China and today had a food tasting session.

Linked Learning - We have learnt about China and today had a food tasting session.  1

Methods in maths

Methods in maths  1

Science Investigation 12th September 2018

Science Investigation 12th September 2018 1