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WOW! How are we in our final term already? What a year we have had so far!

Finishing the term with a fantastic trip to The Natural History Museum was superb and we intend to keep the great times coming in the final term of Year 3!


Summer terms sees us embarking on our first set of swimming lessons, a restaurant day, science day and even another trip!

Our creative curriculum unit is ‘Invaders and Settlers’. We study the invasion of the Picts and Scots and then the arrival of the Anglo Saxons. We link to art where the children create their own Pictish stone, our English links with the children creating their own fact files and we even create a moving Saxon face in design!


Science we get 2 cracking topics. The first, Animals including Humans where we are lucky enough to have a secondary school come in and tell us all about the 'Yucky, Sticky' things inside our bodies. The second, Forces. No, unfortunately nothing to do with Star Wars, but we do focus on the introduction of Push and Pull forces and magnets.


As mentioned we begin swimming in the later part of the summer term, where the children ‘dive in’ to 5 weeks of swimming which increases when they head into year 4 and 5. The children, once assessed, will be either learning to swim or refining their swimming skills in the pool, at Waendal Leisure Facility, on each Monday afternoon for 30 minutes.


We commence swimming on 17th June until 15th July.

Kit should consist of a swimming costume for the girls, and tight swimming trunks for the boys. Please no board shorts. We ask that goggles not be worn unless for a medical reason but please contact myself or one of the Year 3 team if you wish to discuss this further.


Further information will be given throughout the term with regards to our next school trip and other school activities will be given.


If you do have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch either via the office or grab myself, Mrs Robinson or Mrs Griggs on the playground at the end of the day.


Have a lovely term,

Hannah Morris

Home Learning:

Homework will be given out, which is one task linked to our curriculum, on a Wednesday and it is to be handed in on the forthcoming Monday. Learning logs are not given out in the holidays. The expectations are that the children spend approximately half an hour on their task and give in work that is complete, neat and shows good effort.


Additionally, your child is expected to read throughout the week and this needs to be recorded in their pupil handbook which in turn, needs to come into school daily.


Your child will have weekly spellings to learn that are a mixture of words pupils frequently use in their writing and those which they often misspell, along with statutory spelling words from the National Curriculum's years 3 & 4 requirements. Your child will receive their spellings on a Friday and tested the following week.

Our trip to the Natural History Museum

We love Science in 3HM!

We love Science in 3HM! 1
We love Science in 3HM! 2
We love Science in 3HM! 3
We love Science in 3HM! 4
We love Science in 3HM! 5
We love Science in 3HM! 6